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Navigating Life's Transitions

Often, we meet clients who are facing a crossroads. A major event has caused their life to undergo a transition, heightening their emotions and adding temporary disruption. Whether this was sudden or carefully planned, we strive to help them thrive in the midst of change.

You, too, may be at a place where your road is diverging. WealthCare Partners wants you to use this time to embrace change rather than needlessly worry about your financial security. In our hands, you can turn your attention to the path ahead while we find the common ground between here and there.


When you move from an accumulation phase to an income-producing stage, we initiate a plan for your retirement which covers everything from tax and Social Security strategies to pensions, 401ks, and long-term care planning.


The end of a marriage can have devastating financial consequences. To avert this outcome, our team educates you on the assets you should keep and organizes your finances so you can reach a peaceful, mutually-beneficial resolution.

Job Change

Switching jobs leaves you so engrossed with new challenges and opportunities that your former employer’s 401k sits on the backburner. Our diligent team will transfer these savings into new funds and help you with cash flow planning due to increased/reduced income.


Loss of a loved one is accompanied by both grief and stress. During this difficult time, we remove some of your burden by discussing how to distribute assets with tax efficiency and how to maintain desired income levels.


A windfall of money can greatly alter your current financial picture. The advisors at WealthCare Partners can show you ways to receive assets without tax penalties.

New Child/Grandchild

It’s never too early to get the next generation off on the right foot. We’ll reveal methods to do just that by steering you towards college savings options and projections, as well as reminding you to review your beneficiary planning.

Selling a Business

Your business is near and dear to your heart, so when it comes time to sell, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a smooth process ready. WealthCare Partners will counsel you on the best distribution strategies for maximizing sale of business for tax purposes.