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Our Process

Choosing an advisor to manage your wealth can unlock an abundance of wonderful possibilities. But, like finding the right key, you must find the perfect fit for you and your family.

Here at WealthCare Partners, we hope to make your decision easier by showing you exactly what’s behind our doors. The five-step progression outlined below clarifies what you can expect from us and sets a high bar for our service. This glimpse into our process will assure you our team has a genuine understanding of the important part we play as we stand on the threshold of your future.


Shaping your future begins with getting to know you on a personal level. During this stage we’ll emphasize a connection between your values and your goals and talk to you about how to turn your current situation into your desired destination.


Our team will then dive deeper into studying your financial position, performing a gap analysis to see what holes exist. We’ll also determine your Family Index Number and risk tolerance prior to suggesting investment and tax strategies.


You’ll never be in the dark when it comes to entrusting WealthCare Partners with your money. This step will shine a light on your options and allow you to select the direction of your personalized plan.


Our joint efforts come to fruition when we activate your custom plan and verify it’s properly in place.


Constant communication is a cornerstone of our firm. We’ll track your investments and keep you up-to-date on their movement, adjusting them as life changes occur.

Meet the People Behind the Plan