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2018 Upcoming Events

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2017 Past Events

Thursday, October 12th
Location: Fleming's Prime Steakhouse-North Indianapolis

""Market Update"

How does the stock market continue to make new highs? This has been a common question we've received all year long, and justifiably so with the on-going tensions from North Korea, continued gridlock in Washington and elevated market valuations. Despite what's been occurring, the markets continue to climb this 'wall of worry' higher.

      • What could drive the markets for the remainder of 2017?
      • What is the biggest risk to investors in the current market environment?
      • How much longer can this bull market last before a market correction occurs?

Tuesday, February 21st
Ritz Charles-North Indianapolis

"Why Protecting Downside Risk Matters in Investing"

On January 25th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 20,000 for the first time in its 120-year history. Investors cheered and media embraced the historic close. With record highs being achieved, this can bring up many interesting questions for investors:

      • Should I now focus on maximizing growth to not miss out on more gains?
      • Why should I continue to be more diversified when U.S. stocks are doing so well?
      • What does protecting downside risk really mean...and why should I worry about that when markets are making all-time highs?

Tuesday, April 18th
Broadmoor Country Club-Indianapolis

"Market Update"

Since the Presidential election last November, there has been a renewed since of optimism in equity markets. We've experienced solid gains in the past four months on the hope and anticipation of tax reform, de-regulation and a more 'pro-business' stance from Washington. This renewed optimism has created market conditions not experienced in many years...for instance, in February we had 11 straight days of record highs (something not seen since the early 1990's). The U.S. markets have also gone over 100 days of not experiencing a 1% or more drop in a day, which hasn't happened since 1994. The recent market gains and conditions can leave investors wondering how to position themselves going forward.

      • Has the market become too complacent and over confident?
      • Are markets vulnerable if the anticipated reforms of taxes and de-regulation don't play out as hoped?
      • What is the outlook going forward for the rest of the year? 

Tuesday, June 20th
Location: Renaissance-North Indianapolis

"My Brain Made Me Do It: How to Make Better Investment Decisions"

      • What do you need to understand to achieve your financial goals?
      • Why are the average investor's investment returns SUBSTANTIALLY less than market averages! What are they missing?
      • How does my decision making process contribute to common investment mistakes?
      • How do I train myself to avoid those mistakes?
      • How do I not let the natural, emotional fear in today's uncertain economic and political environment drive my investment decisions?

Discussed the above questions and other topics about behavioral finance to help you as an investor better understand what goes into your decision-making process, along with how to maintain proper perspective in challenging times.