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Family Index Number

Do you know what rate of return is needed to achieve your goals?

What Your Family Index Number Can Show You

Achieving financial security comes in many forms. It can mean ensuring you don’t outlive your wealth, safeguarding funds for your children’s education, or protecting your estate for future generations. In order to meet your various objectives, WealthCare Partners first determines your Family Index Number. This highly personalized measurement identifies the rate of return necessary to maintain your resources during your lifetime, offering clarity on how to coordinate your risk tolerance with your investment time frame.

How We Get to Your Number

Calculating your Family Index Number begins with developing your investor profile, analyzing your present financial situation, and performing a stress test. Once we’ve compiled this quantitative and qualitative data, our team uses your Family Index Number to recommend, implement, and monitor strategies that reflect your individual and family goals. Over time, we’ll review factors that play a significant role in your financial picture, such as lifestyle preferences, healthcare needs, and inflation, to keep you on track.

Knowing this number gives you an easy benchmark to gauge your performance. Its benefits aren’t just in the comprehensive plan you receive on paper, they’re also in the confidence you feel when faced with the daily rise and fall of the market. Without the unnecessary stress that accompanies these ups and downs, you’ll be free to pursue your greatest ambitions with the people you cherish most.

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