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Retire With Confidence

The Power of a Personalized Plan

Over the years, WealthCare Partners has provided guidance to hundreds of clients preparing for retirement. As we’ve listened to their desires for future income, travel, interests, and more, we’ve realized there is no singular mold for life beyond the workforce. That’s why we see it as our responsibility to avoid a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all withdrawal strategy. Instead, we learn everything about your unique vision before presenting you with the best available options.

Often, advisors encourage their clients to take distributions which remove a set portion from their portfolio each month without taking into account market conditions or tax consequences. Unfortunately, this method can produce results that conflict with sound financial practices. Motivated to solve this rising problem, our team utilizes an approach that positions separate investments for short-term income and long-term growth.

Our 3-Bucket Approach

The theory behind our system is simple: we organize your assets into three distinct categories which we call buckets. These buckets represent both specific goals and estimated dates of withdrawal. When deciding where to allocate money, we consider what types of accounts the funds may be coming from – IRAs, Roth IRAs, annuities, or taxable accounts – and subsequently match these to the appropriate bucket. In addition, we look for tax efficient strategies which may further alleviate anxiety caused by market fluctuation and increase income over time.

Our aim is to make your retirement a reality, whether that involves spending more time with your grandchildren, taking cross country road trips, exploring old passions, or learning a new set of skills. We hope to make your golden years financially secure by providing you a reliable income stream for life.

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