Tax Planning

Regardless of age or position in life, the common factor affecting all of our clients is the impact of taxes on their overall financial picture. We believe tax planning should not be done in isolation, but rather in conjunction with investment management. Our president, Steve Ford, has been a CPA for more than 30 years, giving him the extensive background knowledge and training to facilitate flexibility going forward.

Steve and Eric are particularly adept at pinpointing tax planning strategies for clients who receive Social Security. They will not only perform an analysis of your ideal age to begin taking Social Security withdrawals, they’ll also educate you on how to pay little to no taxes on this supplemental income.

Furthermore, WealthCare Partners will collaborate with your existing tax professional, reviewing your most recent returns, identifying areas for potential savings or restructuring, and teaching you about the consequences of tax laws. This two-way communication protects your hard-earned cash and offers opportunities to enact tax deferral options, exercise tax loss harvesting, and implement tax-efficient investment strategies. We’re ultimately driven to reduce the negative effects of taxes so your money can remain where it belongs – in your hands.